Water Underfloor Heating

A water underfloor heating system is very similar to a electronic underfloor heating system. It is an alternative way to heat up your home rather than the conventional radiators.

What is water underfloor heating?

A water based underfloor heating system requires a series if pipes connected to your boiler which then will heat up the water that will flow through the pipes on the floor to heat up the space. The heat that provided through the underfloor heating system is spread evenly,theres much more of a even spread of heat compared to a single radiator. The system can run on low temperatures so its a much more efficient way to heat up your home

How does it work?

In order to fit the underfloor system you will need enough space to fit in the piping. this can be an issue for those who aren’t haven’t having flooring work already done and may not be possible for most.

If you are looking to install a underfloor heating system in your home it is advised you install it from a professional because it requires connecting to your boiler.

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