Types of Underfloor Heating

underfloor heating is an alternative way to heat up your home from the ground up allowing you to have warm floors as well as warm rooms.

There are two types of underfloor heating systems. Underfloor heating mats and wet underfloor heating.

underfloor heating mats

Underfloor heating mats are the easiest and most cost effective type of underfloor heating. They are very easy to install and can be installed by yourself but connecting them to the power line may require a qualified electrician. Electric underfloor heating mats don’t require the use of the boiler, wet underfloor heating on the other hand does. Wet underfloor heating is piping that is placed evenly throughout your flooring, hot water will then run through this piping thus generating enough heat to warm your floors and rooms.

The most common underfloor heating is the electric underfloor heating, this heating is most commonly used in bathroom to warm up the flooring which is usually tiled. Underfloor heating also cost significantly less to run compared to a central heating system.

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My Review on Hamlington’s

I recently found a jeweller near me that provided me with style and type of jewellery I was looking for. What I will be writing about in this post is pretty much my review on the jewellery, jewellers, service and quality.

bespoke ring

First of all the jewellers I went to are called Hamlington’s Fine Jewellery. They offer fine hand crafted jewellery that is made by themselves so there is no middle man. The jewellery is customisable to suit your particular needs and style. The jewellery they have available is unique and fits the bespoke range. The staff are really friendly and professional and guided me to the perfect piece of jewellery. I know have a really unique ring and I couldn’t be more happier. I went to their jewellers in Leicester buut they also cover many other areas too.

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Popular Ear Jewellery

If you like having piercing you may have already have had your ear lobes stretched. Ear stretching is very popular and is in fashion in today’s society. It is a very fashionable for those who are young adults and isn’t suited to anyone below. Ear stretching is a long hard process and it is advised you use an ear stretching kit to stretch your ears.



The whole process of stretching your ears should only be done when you think you are ready and should be done responsibly. When you stretch your ears you stretch them to a size they aren’t use to being stretched to which will then cause slight tears in your skin which will slowly heal to form a that particular size. This will cause inflammation but it shouldn’t hurt too much and it most definitely should not bleed. Jewellery for stretched ears can come in a variety of different styles, hey usually very bold and creative, this is what makes it popular.

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I Love My Hot Tub

I recently purchased a hot tub because I have always wanted one and I though it would be the perfect way to relax after a hard days work. I did a lot searching to find mine, I looked at a lot of hot tubs in UK to find the right one. I was on a budget so I had to find hot tubs for sale in order to fit my budget.

Luxury Hot Tub


I did purchase a hot tub and I don’t know how I could ever live without it. Hot tubs are simply amazing and I think they are the ultimate way to just relax, the seating arrangements are ideal and the warm bubbling water is sensational. My hot tub also comes with cup holders and theres room for 4 people, it’s perfect for when my friends come round too.  If you are looking for a fun way to relax I would advise you purchase one straight away.

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Sustainable Drainage System

Having a sustainable drainage system is crucial with our British weather. If you live in Great Britain you will be very familiar with how unpredictable our weather system is, never mind, the constant cold temperatures. In the UK it rains frequently, rain isn’t a bad thing however, it can be if your land doesn’t have a sustainable drainage system.


What is a drainage system?

A drainage system is a system that controls water overflow by leading the water through piping.

Uses of a drainage system

  • To guide water away from your property
  • Flood prevention
  • Dispose of waste water and sewage (alternative sewage control, septic tanks)
  • To lead water through to a treatment plant through an underground drainage system

Where can a drainage system be used?

Pretty much anywhere. A drainage system can be used on farm lands, housing, business and anywhere else that requires drainage.

What type of drainage systems are available?

The main types of drainage system are underground and land drainage, there may be others.

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My Best Accessory

If you come to visit the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter you will quickly come to realise how many jewellery shops there. They aren’t just normal jewellers either a lot of the jewellers you may come across in the Jewellery Quarter are upper market jewellers that usually offer a variety of jewellery.

Ladies Watch

I went to visit the Jewellery Quarter for a watch. I was looking for watches for women. I always wanted to treat myself to a luxury designer watch but I thought I will save up some money instead. I found an amazing variety in the Jewellery Quarter and I found a really nice watch after shopping around. The watch I bought really matched my style, I love it. I really enjoy dressing up and  I buy a lot of different outfits. Including little accessories and this is the most expensive accessory I bought but I don’t regret it!

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What to Expect from Chiropractors

There are a few things you should expect from a professional chiropractor. Some key things include:

  • They should ask you if you questions about your problem
  • They should also do a detailed check on your medical history
  • A series of thorough tests should be taken, orthopaedic and neurological tests. The results of these combined with your medical history they will provide you with a diagnosis

Chiropractors should give you a report of the findings and discuss your management plan and give you a diagnosis.

Things that should be included within your findings report:

  • Any choices or options you have
  • They should provide your with professional advice on how you can help yourself too
  • They should provide you with what they found during the examination with diagrams and models
  • Not so important, if there is any need for investigation

Chiropractors should offer subsequent visits because, chiropractic therapy is usually a continuos treatment and not a one off treatment. If you are looking for Chiropractors in Birmingham please visit Harborne Chiropractors.

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Promoting your Business

I am a proud business owner and I love my business I have spent most of my time running my business successfully and a key to it running successfully is strong marketing campaigns and marketing your business in general. I use many social media websites to advertise my services and the internet. I also wanted new and innovative ideas to promote myself and my services and I also required business cards too so I popped into Big in Ink to get my prints.

Cartoon Business Card

The reason why I use Big in Ink’s services are because they offer professional prints and they are the best in Birmingham. I had a browse through their catalogue to get creative and fun ideas on how I can promote my business and I must say they had some great ones! I purchased my business card prints and I also purchased pop out flyers and cup mats. I am so pleased with my purchase and the services Big in Ink provide are amazing the reason why I don’t chose any other printers in Birmingham.

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Water Underfloor Heating

A water underfloor heating system is very similar to a electronic underfloor heating system. It is an alternative way to heat up your home rather than the conventional radiators.

What is water underfloor heating?

A water based underfloor heating system requires a series if pipes connected to your boiler which then will heat up the water that will flow through the pipes on the floor to heat up the space. The heat that provided through the underfloor heating system is spread evenly,theres much more of a even spread of heat compared to a single radiator. The system can run on low temperatures so its a much more efficient way to heat up your home

How does it work?

In order to fit the underfloor system you will need enough space to fit in the piping. this can be an issue for those who aren’t haven’t having flooring work already done and may not be possible for most.

If you are looking to install a underfloor heating system in your home it is advised you install it from a professional because it requires connecting to your boiler.

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Pro’s & Con’s: Water Tanks

When it comes to saving money on water bills there are a few tips and tricks that you can follow in order to achieve this however, I am going to cover one of the better ways to save money on water bills and break it down to advantages and disadvantages. It obvious that water that is pumped from the ground into your taps will cost significantly more than water that is naturally produced and free like rain.


  • A lot cheaper than piped water, after all , rainwater is free so you will save quite some cash
  • It will add value to your property because it will eliminate the need to buy water for your home
  • The installation is fuss free and not too difficult
  • You will use less water. Knowing how much water you have stored will make you consider not too waste it and it is always there when you need it


Disadvantages for above ground instalment

  • It will be affected by weather
  • Large water tanks will take up a lot of space
  • It will often require anchoring when there is less water inside the tank

Disadvantages for underground instalment

  • If you water tank is placed underground it can be difficult to access
  • It can be pretty tough trying to check if there are any leaks in the system
  • It can be expensive including setting up costs
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