Why I Chose LED

I was looking at some LED flood lights I found online. I was after a flood light with thermal sensor technology and I did want it to be LED too. The reason why I wanted it to be LED is because LED lights:

– Look better
Led lights are tiny lights combined to make a large light surface area, they look very nice and give of more of a modern look

– Shine brighter
LED lights shine very bright and they shine in a clear white with the occasional cool tint to them. This is much better than other lighting that usually shines in a dull warm colour. LED lights can also travel further making them perfect for lighting up an area.

– Last Longer
LED lights last considerably longer than normal lighting.

– Very Efficient
Not only do they last a very long time they also are eco friendly too while saving you a fair amount of money in the long run


The floodlight I wanted to buy is going to be placed in my front garden so it can light up my driveway as I walk past it an onto the drive in the night when I finish work. This is very convenient for me and I did have a flood light installed before but it stopped working after only 7 months! This is why I am after the best really.

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Nothing Is Perfect

If you are anything like me then when it comes to searching for jewellery thats suits you and your style you may struggle. If you are like me then you may or may not be a fussy person, but unfortunately I am. I am a very fussy person when it comes to most things, as the saying goes, nothing is ever perfect I am that saying. I will always want whatever it is to be better than what it is just because i know it can be.

bespoke ring

This is particularly annoying when it comes to searching for jewellery because most jewellers offer the same style of jewellery every where which is boring and very common. For this reason I wanted to find a hand crafted jeweller who would create a piece that the way I would like it to look whilst being very fashionable and unique. I came across Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery. They offer fine hand crafted jewellery that is made by themselves and there is no middle man which is ideal for me because I can speak to them directly on how I would like an item to look like.

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To Buy or Not to Buy

My friend and I were looking for new things to add into our homes. We looked at a lot of furniture and little ornaments and things like that really. We headed over to the bathroom section and we both laid eyes on the same thing and screamed with excitement. What on Earth did we find in a bathroom section that made us scream? This is what is probably going through your head right know but trust me, I would be thinking the same if I was you too. What we found in the bathroom section was a hot tub.

Luxury Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the ultimate luxury item you can have in your home. It is the thing dreams are made of for my friend and I. We both have always thought about purchasing a hot tub before but have always backed down due to the price range on them but this one was very tempting. With the price being just about affordable we are still thinking wether we should buy one or not. I am going to have a long think about it but I do regret not buying it already.

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The New Way To Heat Up Your Home

What I will be writing about in todays post are positives and negatives about a brand new way to heat up your home. You may be wondering what this new way of heating up your home is and don’t worry I will tell you. The new way to heat up your home is by installing underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is a heating system that is placed beneath your flooring which provides you with warm floors as well as warm rooms!

Now that you know the basics of underfloor heating you may want to know the positives and negatives of this new heating system.

underfloor heating mats

The positives of underfloor heating are:

  • Warm floors
  • Equal heat distribution
  • Low running costs
  • Low maintenance
  • It is very safe
  • Out of way and sight

Some negatives of this system can be:

  • Not very practical for those who aren’t having work done on their flooring
  • You are required to raise the floor to fit in the heating system
  • It runs on low temperatures
  • It may take a little longer to heat up your room
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Always Looking For Something To Do

I was looking for a new project to start regarding my home. I am always finding something to improve on my home. Last week I finished building a new wall in my back garden and we already finished painting on of the bedrooms. Now that I feel like everything is done I am looking for something new to start. I would love to extend our home but that is very costly and I can’t afford that sort of money right as of now.


I had a great brainwave when I finished of decorating it and it seems a lot more practical as well as being slightly cheaper than an extension. This will also keep me very busy because it will take up a lot of time. What is it I am on about is probably what you are thinking right now and I forgot to mention. It is a loft conversion. Loft conversions are great for making use of an empty space in your home, this was perfect for me because I love to work on the house. I am still deciding yet, but it is something I will definitely look into.

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My Car Is Falling Apart

I was searching used cars lichfield on the internet, because I live in lichfield and I was very interested in buying a car. I have had this car that I am currently driving for 2 years now and I don’t like it. It is really starting to annoy me, my car is just slowly falling apart one me. I had to get the brake light fixed a while back then I had issues with the oil system, then I had to sort out my exhaust and replace it and now my brakes are damaged. I do not want this car anymore, it is more hassle than it is worth therefor I am thinking of part exchanging it.

Cartoon Car

I don’t know what car I want next and I am really not that fussed as long as it doesn’t need constant repairs it’s all good. I do want it to be nice though. I am currently looking for something that appeals to me. I need to decide quick though before my car dies on me.

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Reduce Your Water Usage and Save Money

If you are looking to reduce your water usage and save a lot of money the best way you can possibly go by doing this is buy purchasing a water tank. Why a water tank? You may be wondering. The reason why I say this is because water tanks are ultimate way to store large amounts of water for quick and easy access whenever you like. Now what makes water tanks save you money is because there is a limited capacity on your water tank thus making you more caution to how much water you use, because you will be able to monitor your water usage quickly and efficiently allowing you to not waste water.


How do I know this works? This may be another thing that is going through your mind and the fact is, I have been in this situation before. I have a passion for gardening and I have a very well kept garden that is very large. Maintaining this garden really drained my money in terms of water usage so this is why I installed a water tank.

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Remove Pests From Your Home

If you have a problem with pests in your home you need to get the problem attended to straight away. Pests are not only a nuisance in your own home they also can carry a lot of viruses and infections. This isn’t good news for you or your family or anyone else in your home or property.


The reason why I am stressing the importance of pest control is because I had an infestation of ants in my home and I didn’t know what the cause of this problem was. I have good house keeping everything is dusted and tidied so I was really annoyed and frustrated by this. I called a pest control company by searching for pest control walsall. I found a pest control company who was very efficient and friendly and the came over right away to sort out this problem we had. They did a thorough inspection after asking me where I saw them the most and it all lead to a sweet wrapper with a bit o the sweet still stuck to it behind the sofa. They sprayed this substance on the floor to prevent them from coming and they did.

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Ways In Which You Can Relax

Do you struggle to relax in your own home? Are you looking for a new way to relax? If the answer to these questions are yes, perfect. What I am about to write in this post will over these main issues. If these questions don’t relate to you then you should continue reading as I will be covering useful tips on relaxation in general. Now that the general introduction is over heres a few pointers on how to relax and different way one can help achieve deep relaxation.

First of all it is important your body is in a position that is comfortable and stress free. It is also important for those who can’t seem to get into the relaxation mind set to control your breathing and really think about relaxing. It is also important you are free of distractions and anything that will disrupt your time.

Other ways in which on can relax are simple like sitting watched TV on your favourite couch, listening to music, taking a long soak in a bath and even sitting in a hot tub. Hot tubs are great for having fun and for deep relaxation. Hot tubs are very popular in America but you can also get hot tubs UK.

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Just Bought a New Car

I recently purchased a new car and I haven’t been more happier with it. The car I purchased is an Vauxhall Insignia. The reason why I chose the Vauxhall Insignia is because I have a family of four so it is ideal for family purposes as well as my own needs too. I also really like the design of the Vauxhall Insignia mainly because the style is very smart and sporty. Not many cars can pull off that style in my opinion apart from Audi and BMW.

Cartoon Car

How I found my car was by searching online for used cars lichfield. Many different used car dealers came up in the results and only one of them seem to have the car I was looking for but that was very fortunate. I went to visit the car dealer and he understood everything I was after for my next car and told me he has it in stock still and if I would like a test drive. I already knew what the car drove like because I have had drive in one before and that was it really.

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