My Sons Birthday Surprise

We have been thinking about hiring a limo for my sons birthday! He is going to be 13 and I think he would really love it if we hired a limo for a couple hours.

The reason why we think it would be a great idea is because my son is car crazy he has a collection of toy cars in his bedroom and his favourite one is the Hummer limo he has. We thought it would be ideal if we made his favourite car a reality for his birthday! To make things even better he is about to be a teenager too so it is just ideal, I also get to have a ride in a limo too, I can’t lose.

We have been looking online to try and find a limo hire company near us. I typed in limo hire London and I did find a limo hire company we were very interested in however we decided we want to continue looking through their website and possible other limo hire companies before we decided. What I noticed though is the company that we did find was almost ideal, they had the best pricesI had seen while I was searching through the page.


In the end we decided to go with the limo hire company we originally seen and they had the best prices too. The company is called Your Limo Hire. We managed to order the exact limo we had in mind and it is booked for this weekend on his birthday! I am so excited but we are keeping it a surprise for him.

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