Most Popular Wedding Rings

What are the most popular wedding rings?

This is a question I know I a lot of you may be wondering when it comes to buying your loved one her wedding ring. This is why I have created a post to help guide you to find the perfect wedding ring for your loved one. Wedding rings are every popular but finding the one the perfect one can be difficult.

This is a very broad question and as a jeweller, I get asked this question so many times. It is such a hard question to answer because it all depends on what you are after and stating popularity over so many different types of jewellery is virtually impossible. This is why we need to break it down. I usually narrow down this question to suit the buyer and the buyers needs. Here is what I break it down into

What material?
Material of the wedding ring is a huge factor, the most popular wedding rings are made of gold, although platinum wedding rings are becoming increasingly popular at this moment in time.

platinum ring

The Styles
Wedding rings are often just a plain band that wraps around the finger but they can also be diamond encrusted or contain multiple materials and can even come in various designs so I tend to break down the popularity of a wedding ring in each section. So if it is a diamond gold wedding ring then I would chose the most popular out of them in that particular category

This is how I chose what is the most popular wedding ring, and they are also steps which you can take into consideration to help you purchase your wedding ring.


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