Importance of drainage systems

Drainage systems are used everywhere. The reason why they are used is to lead water for us to have direct access to. Land drainage pipes are also used lead waste water into sewers which lead into a sewage treatment plant so the water is treated and cured of any bacteria and diseases a long with waste. This water is then lead through drainage piping into your homes for you to drink and use.


This is a continuous cycle and is very important because everything on planet Earth requires water to live. If this process didn’t exist we may run in to serious problems regarding the amount of fresh water and this could cause water shortages. The main type of drainage pipes are underground drainage pipes and land drainage pipe. Underground drainage pipes are usually lead to the sewers, land drainage pipes are usually placed to guide the waste water to the sewers. Drainage pipes can be bought from any good DIY store and they can also come in perforated and non perforated piping.

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