Bespoke Flesh Plugs

I have been looking online trying to find myself some new flesh plugs for my ear lobes. I you are not sure what flesh plugs are then I don’t quite think this post is for you, if you do know what they are then hey! This information could actually help you find some very nice, new styled ones like I have.

So yeah… I was searching online as usual trying to find a jeweller that specialises in stretched body jewellery. I have my ear lobes stretched to 8mm and I was looking for some unique designed flesh plugs. I seen some veyr nice wooden ones with a hand crafted middle part. I loved them so I wanted to find more. I wanted to find a set of flesh plugs that are rare and I hope not many people wear them. I ended up looking online on a website¬†called Stretch It Body Jewellery. They specialise is body jewellery for stretched ears. They have such a huge collection of bespoke earrings I have ever seen. What makes them ideal is that they are priced very well too! I have been looking on other websites and their prices are sky high and to make it even worse, they offer the common styles. I personally think that is veyr annoying considering how common they are for the price to be so high. On Stretch It Body Jewellery’s website though. They even have discount codes for first purchase and many more too.


Their website is fantastic and easy to use too. I did buy some bespoke flesh plugs from them and I absolutely love them! They are my favourite for sure! I recommend you check them out.

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