Always Looking For Something To Do

I was looking for a new project to start regarding my home. I am always finding something to improve on my home. Last week I finished building a new wall in my back garden and we already finished painting on of the bedrooms. Now that I feel like everything is done I am looking for something new to start. I would love to extend our home but that is very costly and I can’t afford that sort of money right as of now.


I had a great brainwave when I finished of decorating it and it seems a lot more practical as well as being slightly cheaper than an extension. This will also keep me very busy because it will take up a lot of time. What is it I am on about is probably what you are thinking right now and I forgot to mention. It is a loft conversion. Loft conversions are great for making use of an empty space in your home, this was perfect for me because I love to work on the house. I am still deciding yet, but it is something I will definitely look into.

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