Unexpected Surprise

I went over to me friends house a few days ago, he told me he had something new to show me. He said it was to do with his bedroom. When he told me this I was a little worried as to what it might be but I thought I will pop over anyway just to see what it was all about.


So I was at his house and we sat down in his living room had a few drinks relaxed for a while and then we headed of into his bedroom to see what this new thing was that he had to show me. The funny thing was… He didn’t even had to tell me! I worked it out all by myself. I said to┬áhim. “Your floors are really warm… Wait.. You installed underfloor heating didn’t you?!” And his reaction was the funniest he was like. “Oh my god yes! You worked that out without me even telling you, what do you think?” Obviously I thought it was amazing.


The warm floors was just perfect to walk and the overall room temperature was ideal. I was so surprised that he had underfloor heating installed, I wasn’t expecting that at all. What I was expecting was a new wardrobe or a set of PC speakers because he has been telling me they are things he needs.

The night was great, the underfloor heating was even better. I feel like I want to install underfloor heating now in my home because of my experience with it. We will have to wait and see if it is actually worth it though.

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