Ordered My Hand Crafted Ring

I have been looking to try and find a jeweller that will provide me with luxury jewellery. Not just any old jewellery either I was looking for fine hand crafted jewellery. I was looking online for bespoke jewellery and I this is when I came across Hamlingtons!

bespoke ring

Hamlingtons are a jeweller that provide the highest quality jewellery they can provide. They offer hand crafted bespoke jewellery so you will always have a unique piece of jewellery to wear which is perfect! With the amount of money you will spend on jewellery the last thing you would want is the jewellery you purchased to be common and not unique. Hamlingtons also customise their jewellery to suit your style and preferences which is ideal!

I read up about Hamlingtons on their website and they have also been around for 3 generations. They can also work with your style and budget to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you. Hamlingtons create every piece of jewellery in house so their is no need for  a middle man so they can truly work with the style you are looking for. After reading all of this information on their website. I decided to go through with the order of my new ring!

I don’t have a huge budget, but I do however have a workable one and they did say they will be able to create a piece of jewellery I will love. I am so excited to finally order my piece of hand crafted jewellery I cannot wait to get it.

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One of The Very Few Places

Have you ever been to the Birmingham jewellery quarter? If you have then fantastic! You are more likely going to be aware of what this place is and what it has to offer, but if you haven’t. then even better! What I will be covering throughout this post is what the jewellery quarter is and what i think is so special about it.

The jewellery quarter is not your ordinary place, it is a special place and there are only a selection of places like it that offer the same standard as what this place offers. I bet at this point you are dying to know what is so special about this place but you don’t need to worry. The jewellery quarter is an area that is dedicated to fine jewellery. This place is the ultimate place for anyone who is looking to buy themselves a new piece of jewellery. Why? You may ask. It is because of the wide range of jewellery they have available to purchase. What makes the jewellery quarter such a special place is that there are so many different kinds of jewellers in this place and they all sell their own version of jewellery so you are sure to find something you will like while visiting this place. This place is ideal because it is so easy to compare the jewellery and the prices to go along with it too without the need of weeks of travelling and shopping.

jewellery quarter

These are only a few points that I have gathered with my experiences, to truly get a feel of what the jewellery quarter is like you must visit this place and find out for yourself.

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Unexpected Surprise

I went over to me friends house a few days ago, he told me he had something new to show me. He said it was to do with his bedroom. When he told me this I was a little worried as to what it might be but I thought I will pop over anyway just to see what it was all about.


So I was at his house and we sat down in his living room had a few drinks relaxed for a while and then we headed of into his bedroom to see what this new thing was that he had to show me. The funny thing was… He didn’t even had to tell me! I worked it out all by myself. I said to him. “Your floors are really warm… Wait.. You installed underfloor heating didn’t you?!” And his reaction was the funniest he was like. “Oh my god yes! You worked that out without me even telling you, what do you think?” Obviously I thought it was amazing.


The warm floors was just perfect to walk and the overall room temperature was ideal. I was so surprised that he had underfloor heating installed, I wasn’t expecting that at all. What I was expecting was a new wardrobe or a set of PC speakers because he has been telling me they are things he needs.

The night was great, the underfloor heating was even better. I feel like I want to install underfloor heating now in my home because of my experience with it. We will have to wait and see if it is actually worth it though.

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My Sons Birthday Surprise

We have been thinking about hiring a limo for my sons birthday! He is going to be 13 and I think he would really love it if we hired a limo for a couple hours.

The reason why we think it would be a great idea is because my son is car crazy he has a collection of toy cars in his bedroom and his favourite one is the Hummer limo he has. We thought it would be ideal if we made his favourite car a reality for his birthday! To make things even better he is about to be a teenager too so it is just ideal, I also get to have a ride in a limo too, I can’t lose.

We have been looking online to try and find a limo hire company near us. I typed in limo hire London and I did find a limo hire company we were very interested in however we decided we want to continue looking through their website and possible other limo hire companies before we decided. What I noticed though is the company that we did find was almost ideal, they had the best pricesI had seen while I was searching through the page.


In the end we decided to go with the limo hire company we originally seen and they had the best prices too. The company is called Your Limo Hire. We managed to order the exact limo we had in mind and it is booked for this weekend on his birthday! I am so excited but we are keeping it a surprise for him.

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Trusted Hot Tub Seller

I have been searching for places local to me that sells hot tubs. Yes, hot tubs. It’s not a common item bought in the UK in fact, hot tubs UK are very hard to find as I quickly realised when I was trying to find one for myself. The issue I was having was that there are a very few trusted sellers of hot tubs, this made my life difficult because I couldn’t locate a hot tub dealer any where near me that was authentic and trusted until a few days ago from today.

Luxury Hot Tub

After my intense searching for hot tubs in the UK I finally found a company local to me who was also trusted too, this is why I with I would share it with you, the reader of this post. Hopefully this place will help you out when it comes to purchasing a hot tub or even to browse at genuine hot tubs available to purchase. So I guess you probably want to know what the company is called? They are called Sutton Spas, based in Sutton Coldfield they offer a huge range of luxury hot tubs a great prices too. I was so amazed to see what they had to offer that I started to question the authenticity of the website and the company itself.

I decided I would pay them  visit and find out myself. I was very happy to find out they were genuine and I also have a hot tub now too! I am very pleased with my hot tub and it was money well spent!

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Bespoke Flesh Plugs

I have been looking online trying to find myself some new flesh plugs for my ear lobes. I you are not sure what flesh plugs are then I don’t quite think this post is for you, if you do know what they are then hey! This information could actually help you find some very nice, new styled ones like I have.

So yeah… I was searching online as usual trying to find a jeweller that specialises in stretched body jewellery. I have my ear lobes stretched to 8mm and I was looking for some unique designed flesh plugs. I seen some veyr nice wooden ones with a hand crafted middle part. I loved them so I wanted to find more. I wanted to find a set of flesh plugs that are rare and I hope not many people wear them. I ended up looking online on a website called Stretch It Body Jewellery. They specialise is body jewellery for stretched ears. They have such a huge collection of bespoke earrings I have ever seen. What makes them ideal is that they are priced very well too! I have been looking on other websites and their prices are sky high and to make it even worse, they offer the common styles. I personally think that is veyr annoying considering how common they are for the price to be so high. On Stretch It Body Jewellery’s website though. They even have discount codes for first purchase and many more too.


Their website is fantastic and easy to use too. I did buy some bespoke flesh plugs from them and I absolutely love them! They are my favourite for sure! I recommend you check them out.

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Are You Willing To Make The Heating Change?

Have you ever considered making the switch to underfloor heating? If you haven’t it is completely fine because not many people have, and I highly doubt that it has ever crossed your mind, I mean why would it? You are probably very happy with your conventional heating system you have had for many years, why? Because it does the job it is intended for and it is a heating system that has been around for such a long time. This is what makes the central heating system a very tough competitor and many people are just simply reluctant to make the change for the better.


At his moment in time I may have grabbed some your attentions and if I have, I would like to thank you for continuing to educate yourself and find out more there is to know about underfloor heating.

Central heating systems are great but they are very old and time is change. Now there is a much more improved method of heating your home why wouldn’t you want to change?

Underfloor heating provides you with warm floors! Unlike central heating and there are many other key factors where underfloor heating throws central heating out of the ball game!

Underfloor heating is:

  • Very efficient
  • Ideal for comfort due to the warm flooring and equal heat distribution
  • Considerably cheaper to run than a central heating system
  • Convenient because it doesn’t require servicing
  • Safe for you and other due to the fact that it is completely hidden so there are no sharp corners or hot surfaces you can easily contact
  • Very reliable

The diagram below shows how heat is distributed via underfloor heating.


With all these factors in place. I think you may even be considering the change. If you are then I would like to thank you for taking your time to read this post and hopefully you can enjoy a much more comfortable and efficient heating system and pay less!

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What’s A Sewage Treatment Plant?

Do you know what a sewage treatment plant is? If you do, do you know what a sewage treatment plant does?

This is a topic not many people ever look into, for obvious reasons, I mean who wants to talk about sewage? But for those who are looking to find out more about the sewage treatment process or just general information about sewage treatment then this post is perfect for you. It is exactly what I will be covering throughout this post and hopefully provide you with enough information to have a decent knowledge of sewage treatment plants and sewage treatment.

Sewage Treatment Plant
A sewage treatment plant is a industrial building that is very large. This building collects an areas sewage. This sewage is what leaves our homes and properties. The sewage is then treated. The sewage is 99% water so it is important this water isn’t just wasted. There are on site sewage treatment plants too to deal with your own sewage if the place you are currently staying in doesn’t have a direct sewage line or if you work on a construction site etc.

What a Sewage Treatment Plant Does
A sewage treatment plant breakdown the sewage to extract the water. The water is then continuously treated until it is 100% drinkable. The water is treated for bacteria, infections and any sort of waste so it is pure and safe to release.

sewage treatment plant


Now you should have a god idea on what sewage treatment is and how the process works and just little bit of general knowledge on sewage treatment itself!

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Starting The Stretch

I was looking to buy an ear stretching kit because I have decided I actually want to start stretching my ears. Now this is not a quick decision as I know some of you are probably figuring it is. I spent a long time thinking about it and if it was worth it because I know it is a form of body modification and it should be taken seriously.

I have done a lot of research as to how far the limit is of a stretched ear lobe until you cant go back and I have also researched the best techniques and I am pretty much aware of the whole process and timescale. Having all this in mind I decided I wanted to start this long process. I know that I need an ear stretching kit and it must be stainless steel. The best kit is the stainless steel tapers so I knew this is where I should start. I was looking online for a set of steel tapers and I came across a website. This website had everything I needed to start the stretching process including oils, tapers and flesh plugs. I managed to buy everything I needed of them.

The website is called stretchitbodyjewellery.co.uk. Their website is easy to use and everything you need is available to purchase. What I liked about them is that they have a discount code too which helped me save a lot of money on my stretchers and equipment. I cant wait to buy my ear jewellery from them once I have successfully stretched my lobes!


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Nothing Is Perfect

If you are anything like me then when it comes to searching for jewellery thats suits you and your style you may struggle. If you are like me then you may or may not be a fussy person, but unfortunately I am. I am a very fussy person when it comes to most things, as the saying goes, nothing is ever perfect I am that saying. I will always want whatever it is to be better than what it is just because i know it can be.

bespoke ring

This is particularly annoying when it comes to searching for jewellery because most jewellers offer the same style of jewellery every where which is boring and very common. For this reason I wanted to find a hand crafted jeweller who would create a piece that the way I would like it to look whilst being very fashionable and unique. I came across Hamlingtons Fine Jewellery. They offer fine hand crafted jewellery that is made by themselves and there is no middle man which is ideal for me because I can speak to them directly on how I would like an item to look like.

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